ONI MSK Extreme 1.0T 
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ONI MSK Extreme 1.0T
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GE  ONI MSK Extreme 1.0T with v-SPEC Technology. YOM 2008.

SW Options:  Spin Echo, Fast Spin Echo Equilibrium Sequence,  2D and 3D Fat Suppressed Gradient Echo, Inversion Recovery, Fat Suppression, RF Spoiling,  Spatial Saturation, Flow Compensation, Automatic Sequential Scans, Magnetization Transfer, Scouts (two or three planes), Single and double oblique imaging with use of graphical slice selection Slice interleave, Protocal Editor,  One touch QA Scan Imitation, Min TE.

Colis: Extreme 80 mm High-Res RF Coil for Hand and Fingers, Extreme 100 mm High-Res RF Coil for Hand and Wrist, Extreme 145 mm High-Res RF Coil for Elbow and Knee.

Accessories: Ergo Patient Handling System, Ergo Patient Ottoman, Magnet  Monitor Unit, Dicom Worklist, CD Drive R/W. Slice Thickness: 2 mm – 10 mm in 0.1 mm step for 2D, 0.5 mm – 10 mm in 0.1 mm step for 3D.

Reconstruction: Auto Display, multiple Image Display, Window Level / Pan Zoom, Reconstruction : 2D < 200 ms/image; 3D < 1 s/image, ROI description and Measurements, MPR,  Dicom 3.0 Print, Send and Receive