Signa Excite HDxT 1.5T 
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Signa Excite HDxT 1.5T
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GE Signa Excite HDxT 1.5T (15x), 8ch, YOM 2007.

Magnet type: LCC k4. OS revision: GEHC/CCTT_Linux_6.3.8. Apps Software rev: 15.0_M4A_0947.a.

SW options: Echo Planar imaging, Fast gradient echo, Cine, Fast spin echo & FLAIR, Time of Flight, Phase Contrast Vascular imaging, SGD EchoSpeed, DW EPI, Flair EPI, Special, Smart Prep, SSFSE, Three Plane Localizer, Modality Worklist, E3DTOF, FSE_XL, Bloodsupp, Fastcine, sgdperf, iDrive, SmartPrep 2000 upgrade, Functool 2, Voxtool, Interactive vascular imaging, Clariview, performed procedure step, Ultrashort TR, T2 breathhold, SSFSE MRCP, T1 breathhold, ACGD plus, Fluoro-triggered MRA, MRCP3, Dynamic R1, Fiesta 2D, Fiesta 3D, Asset, 3DFRFSE, Asset Plus, Fiesta-c, Breast2, Propeller DW1, Propeller T2, 2D Fat sat Fiesta, 8ch system, LAVA, Multi-Phase (variable delays), Blood Flow and Volume measurements, 2D merge, Bravo, Cosmic, HDx key, 3D dual echo, ARC.

Coils:  Spilt head (sn 24787WH4), HE 8ch NV Array coil (sn 036826), HD 8ch body array (sn 50210), 8ch CTL (sn 558), HD knee (sn U31513), HD PA shoulder (sn 557), TMJ 3inch coil holder, 2x 3inch coils (sn 83853wh2 & 82846wh7)

Various: SW CDs/DVDs, options MODs, Helium level as of 28/5 is 96.8%, summutomo CSW-71D coldhead needs replacement.