Symphony Quantum 
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Symphony Quantum
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Siemens Symphony Quantum, 8ch YOM 2000.

Syngo MR 2004A, VA25A. OR70 magnet.

Coils: CH Head (sn 1831), CP Spine (sn 2385), CP Body Flex (sn 1706), CP body extender (sn 1532), CP Neck (sn 3813), Flex coil interface (sn 8765), CP Flex L/S (sn 1673 & sn 1469), Shoulder (165mm & 200mm) (sn 6854 & sn 1567), Loop L (sn 2299).

SW options on console (R610, Syngo Acquisition Workplace): Worklist, 3D usage license, 3D MPR(volume of interest), 3D SSD, 3D MIP, advanced 3D, advanced angio package, advanced cardio package, advanced turbo package, BOLD imaging, CARE bolus, echo planar imaging, flow quantification, panoramic table, 1D/2d PACE, maestro class, breast biopsy, iPAT, CORE basic, CORE plus, spectroscopy, spectroscopy:CSI, spectroscopy:31P , Spectroscopy:SVS, MRI spectroscopy Evaluation, Multi Nuclear, IDEA, inline processing,syngo general license, TGSE.  

Various: CH/Adsorber changed 12-2012, HE level 91,7% (as of 10-05-2013), phantoms, manuals.